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After reading the title of this post, those of you familiar with Ohio history might be thinking, “Amy, you’re 5 years too late.” Yes, I know that Ohio’s Bicentennial was March 1, 2003. However, I just wanted to explain the new picture at the top of the blog.

One of the ways that Ohio celebrated its Bicentennial was to paint at least one barn in each county with the Ohio Bicentennial logo. The one shown at the top is the one in New Albany, Franklin County. It is visible from the west-bound lanes of State Route 161 just east of Kitzmiller Road. I took the photo last summer from the old Dublin-Granville Road.

Like many people, I had the goal of photographing each of the barns in all 88 counties. Unfortunately, it’s not going to happen, as some have already been torn down. (The one in Hocking County, for example, was torn down in 2004.) Many of the remaining barns are fading. They are still neat to find.

Update: Thanks to Chelsea at www.hockinghillsantiquebarn.com for letting me know the Hocking County barn was replaced! (I really need to get out more!)

The OhioBarns.com website has a section devoted to the Bicentennial Barns, including photos and exact locations of almost all of them.